The A-Class: Redefining the Compact Car Market

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is redefining the compact luxury car market as we know it. Taking design cues from our E-Class and C-Class lineups to the first-ever Mercedes-Benz to feature our new MBUX software, the A-Class is truly one of a kind.

Let’s start with the interior, and let’s just say it is stunning! The A-Class has taken design features that you have come to love from our other models. Featuring a stunning LED display, the beautifully redesigned Mercedes-Benz steering wheel, two-tone seats, and even beautifully designed air vents, the A-Class redefines the compact car segment.

Now, for technology. The A-Class offers the new MBUX software by Mercedes-Benz. This incredibly smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is individualized and adapts to suit the driver, creating an immersive user experience. The MBUX will adapt to your habits such as your favourite radio station, favourite songs played on your drive home, or your frequently called contacts. The MBUX will also automatically suggest the fastest route home, which is a feature you can ignore because you’ll never want to stop driving!

Overall, the A-Class will change Mercedes-Benz, bringing a youthful vehicle to our already successful lineup. We are very excited for the A-Class and are counting the days to its Canadian debut! For more on the A-Class visit Mercedes-Benz or our Facebook.

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